from € 798.00 * (net)
  • Weatherproof dual camera system (IP65) for flexible mounting solutions
  • Two separately connected, discreet miniature sensor modules
  • Image sensor and microphone integrated directly into the sensor module
  • Double Hemispheric equipment replaces up to eight cameras
  • Integrated DVR functionality: Slot for MicroSD card (up to 64 GB)
  • Functional expansion via MiniUSB and MxBus connector
  • S14 sensor modules cannot be used with S15 models (and vice versa)
from € 852.00 * (net)
  • Modular system with exchangeable image sensors
  • Weatherproof premium dual camera for all kinds of applications (IP66)
  • Combined day/night camera for 24-hour use
  • 5MP sensors: 2.5 times more details compared to full HD
  • Including video motion detection software MxActivitySensor

Modular System Setup

The M15 camera platform consists of three main components:

  • Housing with integrated camera electronics, flash memory, external ports (Ethernet, MxBus, MiniUSB) and pre-installed VarioFlex mount for wall or ceiling mounting
  • Front element to hold one or two sensor modules, with microphone, speaker, passive infrared sensor (PIR), outside temperature sensor and status LEDs
  • One or two sensor modules with lens, image sensor, microphone and status LEDs
from € 598.00 * (net)
  • Freely configurable lens: Telephoto/wide-angle lens, day/night, CSVario and hemispheric (180°)
  • Latest MOBOTIX 5MP image sensor technology delivers excellent image quality
  • Fast and simple installation on walls, poles or ceilings
  • Integrated DVR (up to 64 GB) for HiRes video recording without affecting the network load
  • Sturdy, low-maintenance and weatherproof from -30 to +50 °C (-22 to +122 °F) (IP 66)
  • Digital, continuous panning, tilting, zooming
  • Microphone, speaker and intelligent movement sensors (MxActivitySensor)
from € 448.00 * (net)
  • Elegant dome camera with exchangeable lenses from telephoto to wide-angle lens
  • Numerous installation options both outdoors or indoors
  • 5MP sensor technology for detailed images and smooth video streams even in dark surroundings
  • Integrated DVR (up to 64 GB) for long-term recording without network load
  • Robust, low-maintenance and weatherproof device with no moving parts (IP65)
  • Digital continuous pan, tilt and zoom function; improved zoom thanks to 5MP
  • Intelligent movement sensors (MxActivitySensor)
  • Can be expanded into an intercom using the MOBOTIX ExtIO module
from € 998.00 * (net)
  • individual choice of lenses: tele/wide-angle, day/night, panorama function
  • integrated DVR (up to 64 GB) stores up to 520,000 HiRes images (6 days with 1 fps)
  • simple installation with only one network cable (data & power/PoE)
  • continuous digital pan, tilt and zoom (virtual PTZ function)
  • highest audio quality thanks to new codec and echo elimination
  • optimized interfaces: MxBus and MiniUSB for e.g. UMTS and GPS
  • robust, maintenance-free, IP65 weatherproof, from -30 to +60 °C (-22 to +140 °F)
from € 598.00 * (net)
  • High-resolution widescreen panorama from wall to wall, ideal for access control
  • Integrated DVR (up to 64 GB) for long-term recording without network load
  • Digital continuous tilting, panning and zooming without mechanically moving the camera
  • Robust and low maintenance with no moving parts
  • Newest MOBOTIX 5MP sensor technology with up to 30 fps and improved zoom
  • Microphone, speaker, MxBus and intelligent movement sensors (MxActivitySensor)
  • Optimized image quality and reduced motion blur even in poor lighting conditions
from € 398.00 * (net)
  • Extremely high-sensitive 5-megapixel sensor
  • High-contrast images without motion blur even in low-light situations (MxLEO)
  • Hemispheric technology featuring 180° view with no blind spots 
  • Cost-effective as fewer cameras are needed
  • All relevant events are automatically saved 
  • Integrated MxActivitySensor detects even the smallest movements and reduces the number of false alarms 
  • Maintenance-free with no heaters, fans or moving parts 
  • No licensing or software fees, free-of-charge updates
from € 1,098.00 * (net)
  • Modular dual camera system for individual installations
  • Up to 30 cm long cable between sensor board and camera board ( a m with MxLink)
  • Microphone and loudspeaker included
  • Direct switching function (1 x In, 1 x Out), RS232
  • Internal DVR (up to 64 GB), no network load during recording
  • Without sensor boards (to be ordered separately)
  • Without MxLink extension set (to be ordered separately)
from € 2,498.00 * (net)
  • Bulllet-proof IP dual camera for corner mounting
  • Operational at temperatures from -30 to +60 °C (-22 to +140 °F) (IP65)
  • Cost-efficient PoE power supply via network cable
  • Front plate and cover made from 5 mm stainless steel
  • 5MP image sensors for day and night (color and B/W)
  • Image angels from 13° (Tele) up to 82° (Wide Angle)
  • Automatic day/night switch
  • Two-way communication via integrated microphone and speaker
  • MxActivitySensor for intelligent motion detection
  • MicroSD card up to 64 GB, 4 GB pre-installed
  • MxBus und MiniUSB connections for interface boxes
from € 798.00 * (net)

IP Video Door Station T25

  • Two-way video around the world
  • Allround view with no blind spots
  • Recording with sound
  • Keyless access
  • Integrated message function
  • Very simple installation



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